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A Walk through the “3 Imperial Spas”


The “3 Imperial Spas” of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin, renowned for their Seaside Resort Architecture, invite you to stroll among impressive 19th century villas along Europe's longest promenade.

A walk from continental Europe's longest pier (508 metres) in Heringsdorf to Germany's oldest surviving original pier in Ahlbeck, from 1898, is to be recommended.

Pass the Villa Oechsler and the Villa Staudt, in which Emperor Wilhelm II took tea with Frau Consul Staudt, and a few metres further on the impressive and historically interesting Villa Oppenheimer will take your breath away. At the beginning of the 20th century American artist, Lyonel Feininger, chose this house, built in 1883, as the favourite subject for his drawings. Close by, you will find the “Bleichröder Residence”, a masterpiece of neo-baroque architecture. The Art Nouveau villas, “Villa Augusta” and “Villa Oasis”, which were built about 120 years ago, are also worthy of admiration, as is the “Ahlbecker Hof”, built in 1890 by a local master painter and decorator in a castle-like style.

Ahlbeck pier, used by Vicco von Bülow (German cabaret artist "Loriot") as a location for his film “Pappa Ante Portas”, is a genuine symbol of German Seaside Resort Architecture. Together with the historic clock from 1911 on the square at the entrance to the pier, this is the closing point of this short, but promising tour of the “Imperial Spas”.
Ahlbecker SeerbückeAhlbeck, Stresemannstraße

Heringsdorf, SeeschloßHeringsdorf, Villa Staudt
Heringsdorf, Villa OppenheimHeringsdorf, Villa Oechsler
Heringsdorf, Villa IkarusHeringsdorf, Villa Hintze
Bansin, BergstraßeHeringsdorf, Villa Aegir
Ahlbecker HofBansin, Bergstraße